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BEB Service Portfolio

To meet the specific and varied needs of Turkish students, BEB have devised a range of comprehensive services to ensure a successful outcome for all BEB students.

Postgraduate Service
BEB’s most popular service is a tried and tested process that has been developed over a number of years, achieving a 100% level of success in getting students offers from UK universities.

Undergraduate Service
Each student has very individual needs. BEB make sure that the best UK university options are presented to allow the best scenario for a successful and enjoyable university experience in the UK.

PHD Service
A distinctly different service to that offered in the Postgraduate Service. An in depth understanding of university departments, their processes and the needs of their academics are required.

Scholarship Holder Service
Such students have well defined needs, related to their sponsors requirements. An outcome that meets the desires of the student as well the sponsor is a pre-requisite.

London Elite Service
Due to the entry requirements for elite London universities such as LSE, UCL and Imperial, an extra level of support is required. BEB are experienced in meeting these more elevated standards.

Oxbridge Service
Applying to Oxford or Cambridge is a highly challenging process, requiring a unique approach. BEB have a service approved by Oxbridge graduates to offer students the possible chance of acceptance.

Bespoke Service
Where a student has very specific requirements such as; pre-medicine preparation, portfolio development, etc. BEB will put in place a professional service to meet the unique needs of the student.